6% APY  For 1 Year Term ....

The Fixed Income Alternative With Interest Paid Monthly

  • First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes (FPCM’s) Are Alternative Programs.  They Are 12 Month Notes Secured By High-Value Commercial Real Estate.

  • Low $100,000 Minimum

  • Great For Single, Joint, Trust & IRA Accounts

  • FPCMs Are Not An Annuity Or Insurance Product

  • No Fees To Buy Or Maintain*

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*215 annual administration fee for IRA accounts

First Position Commercial Mortgage FAQs

Q: What is a First Position Commercial Mortgage?

​A:  A First Position Commercial Mortgage (FPCM) is a simple and secured opportunity for individuals to achieve their financial objectives. This private third-party loan  provides higher returns with shorter terms secured by commercial real estate. Private lenders – with expert guidance and insight from us – selects a commercial mortgage that our affiliate has in inventory to serve as collateral for their private loan. You are recorded on the property title and acquire a first lien position on the mortgage. Every lender is paid monthly interest from the moment they partner with us at a fixed annual 6% rate of return.  Your principal is returned at the end of the one-year term.